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Software design

The value-adding parts of a product are often currently implemented by functions that have been realised in software. Flexibility, and the capability of updating and altering functionality are attractive characteristics which make it possible to meet ever more rapidly changing expectations and requirements.

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Understanding user needs

Software development is a wide area and extends from simple embedded applications to large distributed real time systems and user applications. Our technical breadth gives us the right conditions to understand and engage in what the user expects - an important basis for creating stable and error-free software. 

  • Embedded


    We are well familiar with embedded software. Everything from simpler "bare metal" solutions to advanced platforms with operative systems, file management and communication. Thanks to the unique ability of the team to manage and understand both hardware and software, hardware resources can be utilised efficiently whilst unnecessary complexity in software is avoided. We develop software for every branch, with the main emphasis on automotive industry, industrial electronics and medical technology.

  • Signal processing

    Signal processing

    We have specialist knowledge of digital signal processing - an area in which we also offer training courses. The development of demanding applications that include signal processing, the design of filters and data processing in real time set high demands on working across boundaries between hardware and software in order to achieve stable and cost-effective implementation.

  • User applications

    User applications

    Today, most modern products interact with users or other systems. We develop the applications and interfaces that are necessary for managing each product in the best possible way. Examples of such applications are web-based interfaces and GUIs for end users, applications for Smart phones and services to handle data and control functionality and characteristics in various ways.

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