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Skills development

Current technical development is moving fast, which demands ongoing attention to continuation training and competence development. Knowledge is the key to adding value in the form of appropriate technical innovations.

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Competitiveness and strength

All organisations shape their competitiveness and strength through the expertise and commitment of each employee. In light of today's rapid development tempo, the need for training must be satisfied all the time - at all levels. Enabling continuous training and broadening knowledge is not only important for developing individual employees - it also makes the company an attractive employer. Our team consists of a number of colleagues who are thoroughly experienced in training. By ourselves working within the areas for which we provide training, we can always tailor the content to fit the precise need.

  • Training areas

    Training areas

    Our team has a deep technical competence that extends across several disciplines, which means that we can offer training in a number of different areas.

    • Hardware-affiliated software development in C
    • Modern digital design with VHDL (VHSIC Hardware Description Language)
    • Analogue hardware design
    • Power management and power electronics
    • Printed circuit board design with OrCAD
    • Basic and advanced signal processing
    • Designs for manufacturing
    • Structured fault tracing and analysis work
  • Technical college and university programmes

    Technical college and university programmes

    We continuously run courses in several technical colleges and universities, often with local connections to regions. Several of our colleagues have backgrounds in teaching at university level and long experience in imparting knowledge educationally. With this network, we can also recommend various technical college training programmes and courses - everything to meet the high demand for learning.

  • Customised training

    Customised training

    Combining employee training in parallel with managing ongoing projects is a challenge that can be hard to meet. We can therefore offer completely customised curricula, either at the client's location or at our premises. We often combine this with linking to the client's own projects and products - something which is always appreciated and provides immediate benefit to all course participants. We also tie in training to tailor-made hardware and software platforms, which the client can, directly after completed training continue to use in its own business.

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