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Manufacturing and Assembly

Modern electronics production requires modern equipment and must be capable of rapid changeover or adaptation to meet changes in market needs. Taking into account and understanding the production aspects at an early stage in the design work results in the end in a product which is of high quality and that can be produced in an efficient manner.

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Made In Sweden

We have chosen, instead of outsourcing manufacturing and production, to perform these on site. With our ultra-modern ASM SiPlace SX1, a fully automated screen printer, and a 6 zone SMT  (surface-mount technology) reflow oven we can run everything from prototypes to continuous series production. By having in-house manufacturing we have full transparency and knowledge exchange between design and production, which contributes to higher product quality and a problem-free manufacturing process.

  • Prototype manufacturing

    Prototype manufacturing

    Constructing and delivering prototypes for evaluation and testing is an obvious stage in all development projects. Because we have design and production closely tied to each other we can in the most efficient way manufacture the units that are required in order to quickly progress the project, even in cases where the basic information is only preliminary. With our flexible machine line and our own purchasing channels for printed circuit boards and components, we can handle even the most time-critical deliveries.

  • Series production

    Series production

    Managing series production places high demands on process control, where traceability and consistently reproducible quality are at the centre. With tried and tested process control planning, our experienced staff and ultra-modern machine line ensure that we can be certain of production without problems. We also deal with final assembly, inspection and functional testing for every unit.

  • Process quality

    Process quality

    To achieve reproducibility in the manufacturing process, it is necessary for critical parameters to be continuously measured and checked. We perform regular measurements and checks on 

    • the quality of the screen printing and the optimisation of stencils
    • mounting precision and optimisation of the machine-setup
    • soldering profiles

    As part of further improving the manufacturing process, we always carry out functional checks and X-ray inspections on the first units in each batch that we mount, and perform random checks throughout the process. With our own modern X-ray machine, we can continually make fine adjustments and validate the process, not just on a few occasions each year.


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