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LED Lighting

As interest has grown stronger in reducing stress on the environment and reducing energy consumption, equally there is increasing interest in finding energy-efficient lighting sources. At the leading edge of this area are lighting sources using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which provide unique possibilities of designing with light in a completely new way. Combined with modern capabilities for controlling and regulating lighting sources, both energy costs and environmental loading can be reduced.

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Details make a difference

We have been involved ever since the LED lighting era began. The end result - to spread light - means completely new challenges, and requires in-depth knowledge of how a light-emitting diode is made, how the driver electronics, cooling and control need to be arranged and how the manufacturing process must be handled. We have a well established co-operation with suppliers of the best components and LEDs in the business. Together with our own know-how and experience we can put forward lighting solutions at minimal cost and with what we dare to claim is the shortest lead time in the industry!

  • Lighting modules

    Lighting modules

    Most people take lighting for granted. However, to achieve pleasant and efficient lighting with LEDs there are many small details that must be tailored and taken into consideration. Different applications set different requirements for colour temperature, light uniformity, glare and colour rendering. LEDs are mass-produced and screened in different bin selections, which places demands on design solutions to ensure that lighting modules shall always have the same characteristics and properties. In order to achieve the maximum life for the new technology it is also necessary for the fittings and electronics to be designed in such a way that efficiently removes heat from the sensitive parts of the LED.

  • Driver electronics

    Driver electronics

    We can recommend and produce suitable drive units for each application. Everything from finished shelf products to drive solutions of our own design. The driver electronics are just as important as the lighting modules, and must match the lifetime and all the environmental requirements that have been stipulated. The electronics shall not generate noise, disturbances or other undesired effects while being able to meet such requirements as control and dimming.

  • Control


    Almost everyone is familiar with the need for the illumination from a light source to be able to be regulated and dimmed as desired. With networked connections and intelligent strategies to control lighting, new opportunities for lighting are opened up for further power savings and adaptation. We develop everything from simple dimmer controls to fully functioning DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface), DMX (Digital Multiplex) and KNX lighting control systems that meet all the demands for flexibility that are placed on a modern installation. The latest trend means that even the colour temperature and intensity of a lighting source can be altered by individual control of each LED!

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