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Hardware Design

Modern products require modern and cost-effective hardware platforms. There must be room for future function growth, and scalability is a condition for being able to co-ordinate product segments and achieve cost advantages. Quality and a short time to market are made possible by means of a stable and well adapted hardware platform.

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Cost-effectiveness and performance

Our team has wide experience of hardware design, and this, together with a deep insight into software design, means that well considered hardware can be produced that will meet all the expectations in respect of performance and cost. Since we have everything under one roof, we can handle product development in a completely new way. Assembly, quality assurance and running in of new products is dealt with by us - no overheads and no intermediaries!

  • Power electronics

    Power electronics

    We are competent in converter design and power management. Everything from constant current drives for LEDs to DC/DC, AC/DC, power conversion bridges, control logic and monitoring. Solutions include free-standing modules or modules integrated into products and platforms. By having our own EMC equipment we can at an early stage always guarantee that the designs will comply with the relevant certifications.

  • Embedded Hardware

    Embedded Hardware

    Embedded platforms may consist of anything from simple microprocessor-controlled controller printed circuit boards to fully equipped systems with all the modern interfaces such as USB, Ethernet, memory card readers, GPS and communication modules. Vehicle electronics often involves CAN, MOST, FlexRay- and LIN-based interfaces. Our team works with all the major players such as Freescale, Microchip, Atmel and TI, which means that we can always select a suitable solution.

  • Analogue solutions

    Analogue solutions

    All systems need different degrees of analogue electronics. Filter design, protection circuits and adaptive electronics are important parts to ensure robust operation and to meet certification and environmental requirements.

  • Programmable logic (FPGA)

    Programmable logic (FPGA)

    We can offer specialist competence in the development of programmable logic; everything from simple CPLDs (complex programmable logic devices) to major FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays) and "system on a chip" (SoC). The majority of the development work is done using VHDL, but there is also assistance from existing IPs from the leading manufacturers.

  • PCB design

    PCB design

    We prepare schematic and layout drawings using OrCAD PCB Designer and Allegro Specctra. We can also manage importation from other CAD systems or manually ported designs where necessary. We always have an updated component data base to co-ordinate component choices and enable automatically generated manufacturing instructions which can at short notice be transferred to our own production lines.

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