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EMC and the Environment

Our surroundings are becoming increasingly complex, whereby different products, systems and solutions have to interact and work together. In order to achieve this there are many standards which set out the requirements for how products are to be designed in order to function reliably.

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Functionality and reliability

The function of a product will never be better than the operation of its weakest link. Everyone has experienced that feeling when something doesn't work, has to be restarted or performs in an unexpected manner. In order that a product will function in all environments and in all conditions there is a need for a fundamental understanding of which standards ought to be met - and how this will be realised by the product. Our team has many years of experience in all the standards that involve EMC, the environment and safety, and thanks to our proximity to an accredited measurement institute the lead time for formal final testing is shortened.

  • Pre-compliance tests

    Pre-compliance tests

    In all our development projects we always start by determining which standards and requirements the product must meet. This then forms an underlying theme that runs through all parts of the design process - and is continuously supplemented by measurements performed in our own fully equipped laboratory. We never wait until the last minute to perform testing. With our totally damped EMC chamber we can measure radiated and conductive emissions, and together with our fast transient burst test site and ESD equipment we can ensure that the electronics will fulfil even the most extreme EMC requirements.

    Environmental testing takes place in our temperature chamber where we can simulate climates and climate cycles for every different situation.

  • EMC design support

    EMC design support

    The team also manages customer-specific tests and provides improvement proposals for external projects and designs. These can advantageously be implemented in our workshops where we can contribute our experience, directly introducing changes and measuring the results.

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