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Concept and System Solutions

Modern product development faces several major challenges. Short time to market, high product quality and powerfully competitive pricing are just a few examples. Together with requirements for low maintenance costs, scalability and flexibility, the sum of these parts makes excellent system design fundamental to all product development.

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Experience that provides results

Our team of experienced design engineers has deep technical expertise across a number of different disciplines. By having breadth and experience gained from several branches, we can always define and recommend appropriate and focused technical solutions. Thanks to thoroughly prepared system design the foundation is laid for efficient forward progress in the work of design and thereby the rapid development of operational models and prototypes.

  • Preliminary studies and feature analysis

    Preliminary studies and feature analysis

    We are always prepared to guide and analyse how different levels of features can affect such aspects as product cost and complexity. This process can for example be carried out in the form of a preliminary study, where the results can consist of an important basis for decisions by the product owner and planning management.

  • System design

    System design

    Our most important contribution in the early stages of all product development is to develop a sustainable system design. From this starting point the detailed design will be fit for purpose, simpler and more robust, which converts directly to product quality and rapid time to market. Our team can suggest which standard solutions are available for various ends, and tailor those that are found to be necessary.

  • System analysis and adaptation

    System analysis and adaptation

    The modern products of today must be capable of meeting the need for changes and adaptations. It is well known that to be able, for example, to add functionality and shape product characteristics places demands on the system's properties and performance. We can always assist with different formulations and system analyses in order to recommend such possibilities that exist, without risking existing functionality and performance.

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