Product development, today and tomorrow A total supplier within modern product development

Br. Voss Ingenjörsfirma AB offers a complete range of services within product development in respect of electronics and software. Our services extend from consultancy to acting as a complete supplier of electronic products.

We are located in Borås, not far from Gothenburg, where our team of experienced design engineers are always ready to take on today's and tomorrow's challenges.

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Concept and System Solutions The basis of all product development

Modern product development faces several major challenges. Short time to market, high product quality and powerfully competitive pricing are just a few examples. Together with requirements for low maintenance costs, scalability and flexibility, the sum of these parts makes excellent system design fundamental to all product development.

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Concept and System Solutions

Hardware Design A platform with possibilities

Modern products require modern and cost-effective hardware platforms. There must be room for future function growth, and scalability is a condition for being able to co-ordinate product segments and achieve cost advantages. Quality and a short time to market are made possible by means of a stable and well adapted hardware platform.

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Hardware Design

Software design Flexibility and added value

The value-added parts of a product are often currently implemented by functions that have been realised in software. Flexibility, and the capability of updating and altering functionality are attractive characteristics which make it possible to meet ever more rapidly changing expectations and requirements.

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Software design

LED Lighting A bright and environmentally-adapted future

As interest has grown stronger in reducing stress on the environment and reducing energy consumption, equally there is increasing interest in finding energy-efficient lighting sources. At the leading edge of this area are lighting sources using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which provide unique possibilities of designing with light in a completely new way. Combined with modern capabilities for controlling and regulating lighting sources, both energy costs and environmental loading can be reduced.

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LED Lighting

EMC and the Environment Standards make the world work

Our surroundings are becoming increasingly complex, whereby different products, systems and solutions have to interact and work together. In order to achieve this there are many standards which set out the requirements for how products are to be designed in order to function reliably.

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EMC and the Environment

Skills development Knowledge adds value

Current technical development is moving fast, which demands ongoing attention to continuation training and competence development. Knowledge is the key to adding value in the form of appropriate technical innovations.

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Skills development

Manufacturing and Assembly Quality and efficiency

Modern electronics production requires modern equipment and must be capable of rapid changeover or adaptation to meet changes in market needs. Taking into account and understanding the production aspects at an early stage in the design work results in the end in a product which is of high quality and that can be produced in an efficient manner.

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Manufacturing and Assembly
What makes us unique?

What makes us unique?

Our strategy is to offer a total commitment, where quality, efficiency and cost consciousness are always at the core. Our team of experienced design engineers has deep technical expertise across a´number of different disciplines. Software complements hardware, and together with a fully equipped laboratory and our own production line the team can offer quality solutions with short lead times, that are always suited to the clients' expectations and needs.

We differ from other traditional consultancies, in that our entire chain is in-house, from design to verification and finally production. Having everything under one roof ensures the best conditions for managing tight time schedules and running an efficient business!

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We are always anxious to reinforce our team by having additional well-motivated designers. We can offer a creative environment that is characterised by a strong sense of team spirit and an open attitude. You will have the opportunity to work in and broaden your knowledge of may different specialities and technical areas.

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